Recommended Books

Heal My Broken Heart

by Ruth Davidson & Tamara Davies

This book is also written for the spouse of the person who is struggling with this addiction. It focuses on the healing that can take place primarily from a spiritual perspective. This book was initially given to me by a the spouse of a client that I had been working with who found great strength from the book and wanted me to pass it along to someone else.



by Claudia Black

I have met the author personally, heard her speak several times, and have read many of her books. Claudia Black has a vast knowledge about addiction and is an advocate for women. She combines those two things in this book by providing them with the guidance towards clarity, direction, and confidence. She teaches women how to let go of the uncontrollable and confront their spouses in a positive manner, she will also help you to discover your power to incite positive changes in their relationships.


Every Man's Battle

by Stephen Arterburn & Fred Stoeker

There is a spiritual focus within this book, but also a specific focus on why just being a man puts you at risk for this addiction. This book also includes a comprehensive workbook for the individual as well as a special section for women that is designed to help them understand and support the men they love.


The Porn Trap

by Wendy & Larry Maltz

This book is great for both the addict and the spouse of the individual struggling with this addiction. An easy to read guide with a number of insights about this addiction and tools to help you recover. Also important are the sections on healing relationships harmed by your addiction and creating a healthy sex life.


He restoreth my soul

by Donald Hilton

Is another book that is filled with the hope of recovery, their are case examples and testimonials of many who worked to overcome this issue. It offers support and help for our physical, emotional, spiritual well-being.


Out of the shadows

by Patrick Carnes

Out of the Shadows - Is Written by Patrick Carnes, who is one of the premier authors in this field. This book is great for it's description of the addicts world and how we form core beliefs about ourselves that are at the center of our addiction. These core beliefs must be addressed and changed. He also provides an excellent outline for the essential components of a recovery program.


Don't call it love

by Patrick Carnes

This book offers the reader insights into addiction, shame, family of origin issues, and also recovery. Their is a great section in this book on building and restoring relationships and how relationship are at the core of recovery.


Healing Hearts and Mending Minds

by Mark Kastleman

This book is similar to the approach I take where the focus is away from the addiction itself, in other words, It is not about the naked people. It is a book that is filled with hope as well as a number of tools and skills that are easily implemented and have great results.


Tired of Trying to Measure Up

by Jeff Van Vonderen

This book again offers the reading an extensive insight into how shame persists in our lives. However, the understanding this book offers is directed towards how our perception of the expectations that others have for us, set us up for continued failure and shame, which in turn leads us to our addiction to help cope with the feelings.


Facing Shame

by Merle Fossum and Marilyn Mason

Is the classic book on shame. It offers many wonderful insights into our family systems that have created the shame that we live in but also teaches us how to fill the emotional void that shame creates.


Healing The Shame That Binds You

by John Bradshaw